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Camp Helendade Rebuilding Event

Camp Helendade Pool House Work Day

This Saturday, September 18 is another opportunity for you to help rebuild the pool house at Camp Helendade. The primary job for this weekend is to continue placing the plywood sheeting and tar paper on the roof. Once that is on, we can then bring in the recently donated roofing shingles. We're looking for 15 to 20 people that can help cook a lunch, lift panels up to the roof, swing a hammer, and other important tasks. Come out for the day or camp overnight on Friday or Saturday. Because of the nature of the work, children under the age of 12 cannot participate.

To let us know you're coming, please contact Council Program Director Kevin Gustafson at Kevin.gustafson@scouting.org or by telephoning 909-793-2463 ext 139.

I know a lot of our scouts parents and relatives are in the construction business, let's help out our fellow scouts by helping rebuild parts of Camp Helendade so our kids and our kids kids will have a wonderful time at this great camp.

Article from the BSA Monday memo:  


Pack 29 News Update: http://www.pack29.net/packnews/camphelendaderebuilding

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