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On this blog please only discuss things that are related to our Cub Scout Pack 29, Pack news, talk about trips, ideas to share on new camping places or outings. Please NO gossip, rude comments or other un-scout like behavior.

Pack Meeting and Newsletter

  • Pack Meeting & Newsletter
    Pack Meeting Tonight

    Veterans Memorial Park 
    6pm - 7:30pm

    Popcorn prizes and Pie in the Face of the Cubmaster for those who sold enough popcorn.
    November pack meeting, AWARDS, FOOD, FUN. If you sold $300.00 in popcorn, you can put a pie in the Cubmasters face. If you sold over $900.00 in popcorn, you get to put clown makeup on cubmaster  Bob. Don't miss the excitement!

    den duties
    drinks     EAGLES
    pizza      DEN 2
    flag       SCORPIONS
    raffle     SHARKS
    song/skit  DEN 1