Welcome Pack 29 Scouters!

On this blog please only discuss things that are related to our Cub Scout Pack 29, Pack news, talk about trips, ideas to share on new camping places or outings. Please NO gossip, rude comments or other un-scout like behavior.

January 2010 Pack Newsletter

The January Pack Newsletter is now available on the Pack 29 website, or you can pick up the newsletter in person at the Pack meeting on 1/26/2010.
Here is a direct link to only the newsletter for download purposes:  http://sites.google.com/site/scoutpack29/packnews/packmeeting12610-tuesday/January2010-Newsletter.pdf?attredirects=0&d=1

Thanks for a great January Pack 29!!

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Pine Wood Derby Coming Up

Greeting Pack,

The pinewood derby event is coming up real soon for our Pack in March 2010, so we're putting together an informative area on the Pack Website that talks about the Pinewood Derby in general and includes our Pack Derby Rules along with some video of last year's pack cars and some helpful hints and links to help you build a winning car.

Do Your Best.

Pack 29

New Pack Website

What do you think about the new Pack website?  Plenty of information for you? Parents?  Leaders, did you know about all the stuff we've put up on the leader resources page?  Is it good stuff, we want to know.

Pack 29 Blog?

Does any of our pack members like to blog? Come on...your free to talk about Cub Scout related activities here. Can't make it to the Parent/Committee meetings? Use this blog to share information on what you think we could be doing; what you've seen at other Packs doing; ideas for outings; camping locations; or pack projects.