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New Pack Website

What do you think about the new Pack website?  Plenty of information for you? Parents?  Leaders, did you know about all the stuff we've put up on the leader resources page?  Is it good stuff, we want to know.


  1. I like it... good job creating a user friendly site ;) Obviously I think we need to be careful about giving too much information out on the web... I'm old fashioned :)

  2. And rightly so Anonymous. We don't want alot of personal information or too much info on our boys put up on the site. That's why we will still use Scoutrack to keep all the pack member info and calendar. The Pack 29 website is a supplement to provide more detail on events and to act as a one stop reference to find all the things to need without spending lots of time hunting all over the web, specially for new leaders, parents and cubs.

    Thanks for the response.

  3. I like the website! One suggestion would be to have your future events and meetings included in the Announcement area, with some brief info. All in all, wonderful site.

  4. Thanks for the input Anonymous. Under the Calandar area we are posting annual plan of events and each item will have a link to more detail. Check it out:

  5. UUMMMM why is it that the only scout that is getting credit for the popcorn sales is one boy? Shouldnt the credit be given to the Pack and not just one scout? Or shouldnt we be able to pick who the credit can go to?

  6. Thank you anonymous for the comment.
    For the past popcorn sales I believe Cindy was in charge of that, but Dawn probably has an anwser regarding each boy getting the credit for their own sales.

    If you're referring to website links to Trails End selling, some links rotate from council to boy - and our search has shown only 2 boys from our pack are doing online selling (boys must register online at Trails end: http://www.trails-end.com/trailsend/scouts/). On the trails end site you can search and pick a boy you want to support.

    An item the webmaster has had is to have a page for each den and links to online sales for various boys who do online selling.

    Hope this answers the questions.


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