Welcome Pack 29 Scouters!

On this blog please only discuss things that are related to our Cub Scout Pack 29, Pack news, talk about trips, ideas to share on new camping places or outings. Please NO gossip, rude comments or other un-scout like behavior.

Last Minute Class "B" T-shirt order

I am trying to place another t-shirt order to recieve before Pack 29's scheduled Wiley Summer Camp.  Please contact me by e-mail at cindy_labore@hotmail.com to place your order.  Prices are as follows:

$10 youth and men's t-shirts to XL
$15 ladies cut t-shirt, men's XXL + t-shirt, tank tops
$35 sweatshirts

Thank you!

-Cindy LaBore
Eagle Patrol Leader
Pack 29 Popcorn Kernel

Cub Scout Pack 29 Graduation 2012

Cub Scout Pack 29 Graduation 2012
See the Graduation Page on www.pack29.net about the Cub Scout Pack 29 Graduation going on this Saturday at Hidden Valley Nature Center.

Steve McGuffey
Cub Scout Pack 29

Goodbye Christy Anderson

Goodbye Christy Anderson
Sorry to see Christy Anderson leave as our Pack Unit Commissioner but we welcome our new district representative to fill her spot, Mr. Tom Gebelin.

Pack Graduation and Regatta Races

Information on the Pack 29 Graduation and Regatta Races is now posted on the Pack 29 website:  www.pack29.net

Steve McGuffey  P.R Guy
Cub Scout Pack 29

District Roundtable Meeting 6/7/2012

Leaders and Parents
Come to the monthly District Roundtable meeting, this is were you get news of what's happening in Scouting in our District and there are sessions for training to help you improve the Scouting Program for our Scouts.

CPR and First Aid Training

June 20 and 21, few openings for anyone who would like Red Cross Certified Adult and Pediatric CPR and First Aid training. Please contact me at Pack1230@kdcorp.us $20 

Committee Mtg/Wiley Forms/Graduation Pmt

Come to the Committee Meeting tonight to:
-Get involved in the decisions in the Pack
-Voice your opinion
-Turn in your Wiley Forms with copy of your Medical Card, Forms A&B, & Money owed.
-Graduation Payment DUE TONIGHT!  $3.00 per car of people attending Cub Scout Graduation

Time: 6pm, June 5th 2012
Where:  Emeritus Retirement Home, 5881 El Palomino Dr, Riverside 92509